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Planning space with color, functionality and design is an art. Reviewing needs, assessing objectives and planning product selection is critical.

Constantly sourcing for new and hybrid materials that not only last, but meet the design specifications for every client.

Understanding that the only constant is change- we strive to be flexible during all stages of the design experience.

Product selection requires looking beyond boundaries and we constantly review materials and products from a global view.

Bio and Eco friendly are important to us. If your design specifications allow, we encourage products that are healthy to our environment.

Over a decade of design experience, we are your professional design staff. We know the market and we recognize the trends now and in the future.

Who We Are

We are a full service luxury interior design firm, specializing in large scale luxury home concepts, commercial multi-family, and commercial boutique.

From indoor conference rooms to outdoor venues with endless possibilities, the design process begins with a vision. We work to ensure every detail is refined from concept to completion. 

Our Philosophy

Functionality and style is at the core of Elissa Decker Interior Design. We believe in bringing beautiful color and creative design together to create more than just a space, but a true living experience. We work collaboratively alongside our clients while offering all of the expertise and craftsmanship of a professional design studio.

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